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How To Style Family Photos

Hey Guys,

So recently we took family photos and i wanted to share with you some of my tips and tricks for making the most of your family photo session. 

1. My number one rule is forget the matchy-matchy! Gone are the days when you all need to be adorning the same flannel print for your Christmas photos. While i do love a good flannel, choose just one family member to sport a pattern. Instead, take into consideration a color scheme and pick outfits that coordinate well together. If you're not sure which colors go well together you  can search color palettes for whatever season you are in and that will point you in the right direction. Have each individual wear a coordinating color and tie it all in with a pattern, accessories and layering. I choose to go with forest green for fall because we were shooting outside at the ranch and the landscape would contrast well with this color pattern. This leads me to my next tip!

2. Keep in mind when choosing outfits where you will be shooting your family photos as you will want your outfits to coincide with your landscape. You can see in our family photos how well the greenery in the landscape is picked up within the forest green dress and plaid green colored shirt that my son Mickey is wearing! The ivory tones also compliment the sky and rustic landscape of the barn in the background and give it a rustic feel.

3. Also, consider where you will display your family photos. My home has a rustic/farmhouse feel so our color scheme and landscape choice for family pictures will fit well when we get around to printing and displaying our family photos (which if you're a mom of young-ins like me finding the time to switch out photos is a job in itself l lol). However, when i do get around to displaying them they'll fit well in our home.

4. Lastly, accessorize your family photo shoot to add texture. For instance, layering is always a good idea for fall to add texture and create a cohesive look. My 3 year old son Mason is  wearing an ivory colored button-up with a textured beige sweater over to pull colors from both my husband and I's outfits. I also choose a burgundy lip, burgundy hydrangea and burgundy nails to add a special little pop of color.

Color Scheme (ivory, beige, forest green, burgundy, and blue jeans)

Lastly, if you have little ones like me it never hurts to keep a small item nearby that helps motivate your child to smile for the pictures! I may or may not have had a bag of skittles nearby for every good shot my 3 year old took ;). This helps keeps them motivated and gives them that instant gratification they need to keep the smiles coming! If your not a candy fan consider another small, non-messy snack that you can pop in your child's mouth. This is always a life saver when i have to bribe mine for that last smile when his patients are dwindling!

Hope this helps you with family photo planning and for specific questions feel free to reach out or comment here. XOXO, Kady Pometta

 Also this forest green dress is available for purchase on our site at

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